Helin's Vegan Döner


Chicken Döner met Groenten

Our Chicken döner with vegetables

Besides all our vegetarian and vegan dishes, we also have something for the meat lovers! It is your usual Chicken Döner kebab but with extra vegetables, feta cheese and more.
Vegan Döner

Our unique Vegan Döner

The vegetarian döner is richly filled with various vegetables such as eggplant, broccoli, paprika and many more! Did you know about our extremely diverse sauce collection? Top off this sandwich with one (or maybe more) of our delicious sauces!

Vegetarisch Kikkererwten Dürüm

Our chickpeas Dürüm

In the Netherlands, we are all familiar with the popular durum döner sandwich. Helin’s Döner gave this dish their own twis by bringing the Chickpeas Dürum to life! This is a delicious Turkish wrap filled with chickpeas, fresh vegetables and various sauces to choose from.

Our Offer

Our Vegan Döner

This is not your usual döner kebab! Our unique Vegan döner comes with 100% vegetal meat that is made of a soya base. It does not contain any ingredients of animal origin, making the sandwich 100% vegan. Delicious for all vegetarians, vegans and anyone who doesn’t feel like eating meat!

But what is the “meat” of this sandwich made of? The base of this vegetarian döner is plant meat, which consist of a high protein- and a low fat content. The meat is also gluten-free and comes from soy plants that are grown GMO-free in Europe. You can always contact us if you want to know more about our Vegan Döner.

At Helin’s Döner you have the choice to personalize your sandwich to your own taste. And that is why we offer a wide range of sauces, so that you can even enjoy more intense during your happy moment at Helin’s Döner.

 In order to serve everyone a delicious treat, we also offer Döner with vegetables for the meat lovers.

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Our sandwiches contain sufficient (vegetable) proteins, have a low fat content and are high in fiber. In addition, they are gluten-free and do not contain any animal ingredients, which makes it is 100% Vegan.


Our meat-free doner is made with authentic herbs and spices. We prepare this on a kebab grill so we can deliver you a delicious roasted taste.


During the production of the meat-free döner we make sure that there are no flue gases released from manure. Besides that there is less water, land and energy used during the production.

Eetzaak Helin's Groente Döner

About Helin's Döner

The Turkish cuisine is mainly known for its döner and as the owner of two Turkish food eateries you can relate. This is your specialty, but what if you feel that it also can be vegetarian or even vegan, while there are no Turkish food eateries in the Netherlands that offer this? And that is how ​​Helins Döner was born!

At Helin’s Döner you are welcome to enjoy our delicious vegetarian and vegan sandwiches. Drop by during the afternoon and evening hours to pick up some treats. We work quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to wait too long for your order. Do you want to enjoy your food immediately? That is possible! At Helin’s you also have the opportunity to have a treatent in our dining room.

At Helin’s Döner we only use fresh, high-quality products to prepare our delicious food. That is the base of all our sandwiches. The finishing touch comes from our love and passion for food. That’s why we like to offer you a moment of relaxation and fun on a busy day. When you come to visit Helin’s Döner, you know it will be tasty experience!

Visit us and enjoy!